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Where would you, personally, like to see Rolex GMT Master Replica's "Rolex GMT Master Replica' end up at the end of the October sale?

As a collector at heart, I would like to see the watch end up in a museum, where it can be seen and enjoyed by the public for years to come. Alternatively, I would also enjoy seeing it with a collector, with a museum curator-like mindset, who will look after this treasure for years to come, upholding it in the respect it deserves.

How will the performance of Rolex GMT Master Replica's "Rolex GMT Master Replica" affect the price of subsequent instances of the Rolex GMT Master Replica Daytona turning up at auctions?

While we don't have a crystal ball, the publicity generated with the sale of Rolex GMT Master Replica's "Rolex GMT Master Replica" Daytona could very well help expand the market for collectible vintage watches in general, and also increase demand for Rolex GMT Master Replica Daytona watches in particular.

Rolex GMT Master Replica's "Rolex GMT Master Replica" Daytona (rolex replica )

There are suggestions in the watch journalism sphere that Rolex GMT Master Replica didn't just own one Daytona with the "exotic dial", but up to five. We know there is at least one in his daughter Clea's possession, which was profiled in January 2017 and Rolex themselves have seen it. She has said it is not for sale! Will it now become a mission for Phillips to hunt down all the other instances?

As we performed our research and due diligence when preparing to announce the watch, we looked at every single image of Rolex GMT Master Replica found on image databases such as Getty Images,audemars piguet replica watches taken over several decades, and have identified a handful of Rolex Daytona watches he owned and wore through his lifetime.

Our research has also been corroborated by the good research published on Jake's Rolex World Magazine, where he posted all of the Rolex Daytonas worn by him, found in images taken over the past nearly five decades. According to our findings, we can confidently state that there is only one Daytona he owned that is fitted with an "exotic" dial now known as the Rolex GMT Master Replica dial -- this very Cosmograph Daytona, reference 6239 made in 1968 given to him by Joanne Woodward.