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As you can imagine, when he and the team learned through a friend of the owner, James Cox, and former client of Aurel's that it may be potentially for sale, we were thrilled but at the same time bracing ourselves for potential disappointment, in case the owner decided against selling the watch. Fortunately, once Aurel met Mr. Cox in person, a positive rapport was immediately established,Rolex Datejust Replica and it was clear he was ready to part with the watch in order to raise funds for Nell Newman's growing charity organization: The Nell Newman Foundation.

Our nerves were soon calmed, and as Aurel, Livia Russo (Aurel's wife and business partner), and I continued conversations with the client, strategizing hand-in-hand on our approach to selling it, we were absolutely thrilled on the day we received the signed consignment agreement -- when Mr. Cox showed his full trust in our team to sell this legendary dream watch through Phillips.

Rolex Datejust Replica in his racing gear, his exotic dial 6239 clearly visible on his wrist

No one's championed the word, provenance in the watch auction scene as much as Phillips. How does the word continue to be of importance to you guys, perhaps now more than ever?

From the day we established our Department back in late 2014, the Phillips team has been committed to quality,Rolex Submariner Replica scholarship, transparency and client service. We aim to offer only watches that we would personally recommend to close friends or enjoy wearing ourselves. And those that excite us most are watches with extraordinary provenance.

We are highly selective in the watches we choose, and, of course, originality, condition and collectability are essential criteria for a "Phillips" auction watch. We, like our clients, love watches with a great story to tell. So, when all these elements come together along with impeccable provenance, we know all of our clients -- even those who are the most demanding -- will be especially interested in bidding.